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Birthday Reflection

Twenty three years old, age ain’t nothing but a number right? As we get older with every passing birthday comes a new stigma or sense of accountability that we must uphold. we read countless quotes saying “Your twenties are to be enjoyed, you don’t need to have your life figured out yet.” Yes that’s true to some extent but you can’t help but to worry about your future. Personally I feel great where I’m at in this stage of life. I have a clear direction of where I want to go and slowly but surely I’m making progress to get there. This past year has been an eye opener, the lessons learned are countless. As I reflect I can smile because I am learning from my mistakes. I no longer dwell in the past. I take the time to acknowledge my accomplishments. I love myself first; I can’t compare yourself to anyone else. Leah is just fine. I look forward to the blessings in my coming years. I am in my glow. What are some of the lessons learned or experiences that have shaped your 20’s?

because everyday could be wonderful,


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