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Just one, please

Monday November 9th, a day-off dedicated to self care.

I didn’t have any major plans Monday but I did want to spend a good amount of time on the blog, putting new ideas on paper, and some much needed self evaluation.  As I went through my journal I came to realize that it’s one thing to have the courage to express yourself and your desires, but it’s another thing to act on those plans to make change. You can make as many to-do list as you want, create schedules, and routines for yourself but that will do you no good without the will power to accomplish those goals.

I’ve been blocking my blessings by not following through with my plans to success. As my mother would say I need to stop “half assing” the things that I need to get done. The universe will only give you so many wake up calls. In a previous self reflection I mentioned the negative effects of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s easy to get stuck playing the victim to your own mishaps. The challenge is to work on those flaws with 110% of your being. Consistency is a challenge, but envision how proud you will be when you make it over the hump.

This realization came after I was pleasantly surprised with a link to a site I was featured on. A couple of weeks prior I submitted a short journal entry to for their “letters to life” series. Having the opportunity to share my words of wisdom to a broader audience was just the confidence boost I needed. It’s my purpose to use my experiences to help others, and as a new blogger trying to make a name for myself the acknowledgement was very much appreciated.

My day continued with some much needed reading, I organized my agenda for the coming weeks and ended the evening in good company at dinner with a friend. I’d say it was a pretty productive Monday. How will you spend your next day-off?

Because everyday could be wonderful,


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