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Let’s just jump right in

” I been gone for a minute now I’m back with the jump off.” – LIL KIM

More specifically, I’ve been gone since February 9th 2016. That is the date of my last blog post. I can’t help but to laugh as I read it now. It seems as though I had it all figured out. I was confident that I could stay on a structured path of ” I got my shit together”. Little did I know there would be a roller coaster of events in the coming months that would teach me the power of adapting to what life throws your way. Nothing went according to plan. I fell in love, got pregnant with twins, high risk twins, and had an emergency C-section. I mothered my babies from the outside an incubator for their 3 month stay in the hospital’s NICU. I fell out of love, my body told me to stop eating meat, I randomly started getting eczema, I lowkey turned vegan, and eventually got my family back together. That traitorous journey has brought me back to the path I started on. I now have a new understanding of how I can truly live holistically. All while broke, tired, and with no time to spare. So come, take your jacket off and stay awhile. I have plenty to share, join the conversation.

Because everyday could be wonderful


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