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My business hours are from…

Last month I went on a series of trips out of state for work. The Mini 3-4 day vacations were well needed. Since then I’ve realized that I don’t take any time out of my day to dedicate to self care. It’s very hard finding hours in a day that aren’t spent running after twins but it isn’t impossible. I was making excuses for why I can’t complete certain task when the reality is I’m not stern in my decisions. If I say ” I will relax and paint my nails when the girls take a nap” that’s what needs to be done. Instead I end up cleaning the house. It’s important to reflect and have a self assessment. I’ve been thinking about what has worked for me this past week. Motherhood is a full time job but you have the luxury to make your own schedule. Clock in, clock out, take lunch breaks, & only work overtime if NEED be! You have to take time out for yourself. It will only help you become a Better mother and woman. It’s not selfish to let your kids know that you’re off duty right now so call Jesus don’t call me lol. Seriously, spend quality time with your kids and spend quality time with yourself. Your family doesn’t want you to be tired and cranky because you can’t seem to get alone time. You will be no fun to be around. My twins are a little over a year old so they don’t understand exactly why I make them take a nap or play in the crib for an hour. Yes they cry at first but eventually get over it. I’m sure they would rather be stuck in the crib verses being yelled at all day by a frustrated mom because they are tearing up the house.

During the week, after I get home from work I feed the girls and play with them until about 7:30-8:00pm that’s their quality mommy time. After that they take a bath, get in bed, and I’m clocking out. They don’t fall asleep right away but that is their business not mine. I’m off duty until the morning. I do of course check on them if I hear any distress cries or if they start wrestling with each other but they don’t come back out of the crib. I need my time to prepare for the next work day, eat if I haven’t already, or just relax and take a breather.

During the weekends when I’m off from work and home with the girls I take lunch breaks. I give myself an hour of me time. It’s not always uninterrupted but for the most part it’s kid free. I put them down for a nap, let them know I’m on lunch break, and go about my business. 9 times out of 10 they don’t fall asleep but they don’t come out the crib. It’s necessary to be stern in your intentions and allow yourself to recharge. For me it’s almost impossible to hear myself think with the girls around. I’m so interested in how how they are learning and how they play with each other. That’s not a bad thing but you need balance. It’s very important to communicate that to your kids regardless of age. They may not understand your words but they feel your energy. Negative and positive. So moms make time for yourself! See how much it makes a difference.

Because everyday can be wonderful,


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