About me

Hey wonderful ladies,

My name is Leah Topping. I am 25 years of age residing in Virginia. I always hated “about me’s and Bio’s. Its so hard to reduce your entire existence into a shortened summery. But why not let you know more about the person behind the posts. I am a mother of twin girls, I love judge Judy and the cooking channel. Regular ‘degular as some would say. Don’t get me wrong I think I’m pretty dope but I’m not here to be perfect nor to portray my day to day life as something polished, prim, and proper. I Document my epiphanies and share my experiences in the hopes of connecting with others. Life has a way of bringing you to the lowest point in order to teach you how strong you are. The universe will bless your efforts and give you blessings when the time is right. That I know for sure.

My purpose/passion: to help you make everyday worth it using the power within you. Self-worth, confidence, and leadership are the qualities we must instill within ourselves. So let’s get through the madness together. Enjoy my tips and tricks. Feel free to comment, share, and subscribe. Let us learn to be happy again and enjoy life to the fullest. Because everyday could be wonderful in its own way.


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