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Questions for me?

Hey ladies, hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been writing these post and realized I haven’t said too much about who I am. like where i’m from what I do and all that good stuff. Should I do a Q&A ? I’m open to any and all questions. Tell me what you would like to know in the comments below. Make it fun lol.

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Be Wonderful

After the tears- Make everyday wonderful

 1. figure out the moral of the story

2. take that ending and turn it into a new beginning

its all about your mind state. keep a positive attitude

3. put a laser focus on your ultimate reality,perfect situation,dream/goals

its not selfish to want better for yourself and to progress through this

4. Micro manage the obstacles that you know you will have to overcome

this is where journaling comes into play. Break it down and map out what you want to do in life and how you plan on getting there.



 Because everyday could be wonderful,


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After the tears- find the moral of the story

Bitter sweet may be the only word to describe your feelings at this stage. Bitter because you have lost a parent and were forced to deal with that pain and heartache. Sweet, well it’s hard to even fathom a silver lining in this situation but there is. No more pain or suffering. They are at peace and you can find joy in that. Now it’s up to us to live a healthy productive life that would make them proud and put a smile on their face. Be the best YOU you can be. What are your goals? What are your dreams? what makes you happy? It’s time to focus on building ourselves up. When you are 100% confident in your abilities everything you do will fall into place. In order to be successful you have to have yourself together first. It’s time to take a look at all the life lessons we have gained on this journey and put them to good use.

Because everyday can be wonderful,


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A little more than just reading

I am here to guide, comfort,support, and encourage. I want to help you face your grief, work through it, and become a stronger person from it. I need something from you:

1. be open minded

2. always be empathetic to others (we should be able to comment and express ourselves freely)

3. track your progress- journal anywhere and everywhere. Write any and everything, Use your phone, write in a notebook, or on the computer which ever you prefer.

Express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. When they are written down you can go back and examine yourself. Figure out what was going on in that moment and how to work through it.

4. Never hesitate to communicate with me. Email or message via social media are both welcome. I want to hear from you ! 🙂

Because everyday can be wonderful,



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Hello world

“Everyday could be wonderful” started out as an outlet for my healing journey. Healing from self doubt and healing from grief. writing motivated me to change my circumstances and gave me a way to fulfill my passion of inspiring young women. I’ve come so far, I have a few years of trial, error, and accomplishment under my belt, I am a new mother with new goals and even more obstacles to overcome. As I continue to follow the template for success that I curated in the beginning stages of this blog I look forward to the personal growth that this exciting journey will bring me.

 Because everyday could be wonderful.