I was 13 – confused, afraid and heart broken. Hearing the words, “your mother has passed away” changed my life forever. Those words are something you never imagine hearing.  Death is never easy to stomach, no matter who you are or who the person is. To me, the loss of a parent is by far 10 times worst than any other type of loss one could go through. Through my experience with grief and dealing with emotions, I want to help you in every way, shape, or form. I’m with you step by step along the way on a journey of closure and triumph.

self awareness– When you reach that point in your life where you feel lost, have low self esteem or a lack of confidence, you need to take a step back and examine yourself. I had just gotten back from basically failing out of school. Feelings of failure and disappointment flooded my thoughts. That negative energy was not conducive to my progression. One day, I told myself that this was not the end.  Rather, this was the beginning. I wrote down my long term goals, broke them down into smaller short term goals, then into daily goals. Recognize your faults and what’s holding you back, then make the change immediately. It’s all in your mentality. Tell yourself you can do it and your actions will reflect that. Make YOURSELF proud first. Be 100% with yourself and everything will fall in line.

Because everyday could be wonderful,


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